Don’t Let HuffPo Scare You, School Choice is a GOOD Thing!

A 2017 Huffington Post article has reemerged and is being floated around amongst activists in the Arizona RedforEd movement. It’s no secret that RedforEd is against school choice. Take a look through the Twitter accounts and hidden Facebook groups of those who are #stillRedforEd, and you’ll find a slough of anti-school-choice propaganda disguised as “well, it’s for the kids.” The

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An Open Letter to California: What You Need to Know Before #redfored Overtakes Your Community

Dear California,   If you haven’t heard of #redfored by now, consider yourself lucky-because ignorance is bliss. If you have heard of #redfored, there’s an abundance of information you need to know before they take over your community, your state, and your public (and even charter) school system, destroying your faith in public schooling in the process.    Just eighteen

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The Point Everyone (media outlets) Missed Regarding the Arizona State Board of Education Meeting and Opening of the Sex Ed Rules

“To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain.” – Louis L’Amour Today, I did something. I voted. Well, sort of. Instead of complaining or just observing, I participated. I did something for the future of our children. I showed up to tell the people

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Fact Check on Red For Ed

Red for Ed (RFE) leaders are spewing “facts” all over social media, in the news, and on their protest signs. This article is fact-checking some common claims from RFE for accuracy. DATA SOURCES Our sources for fact-checking are  as follows: The “Rankings of the States 2018 and Estimates of School Statistics 2019” published in April 2019 by the National Education

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