4 Things Every Parent Can Do Right Now to Improve Public Education

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Being part of your child’s education these days means being involved and knowing your rights as a parent. It seems that everyone thinks just throwing money at public education will solve poor academic performance, bullying, low national test scores or whatever the public education system is currently failing at. 


The truth is, the power actually lies in the hands of the parents. If only they knew what power they had! The public education system is here to serve you – the parent and your child(ren). If you are not receiving what your tax dollars are paying for, then it is time for improvement. 


Here are 4 things every parent can do right now to improve public education. 


Attend school board meetings…Speak up and speak out

Lots of change can and will happen at school board meetings. Have you ever attended one? Have you ever spoken at one? One of the biggest impacts you can have at a local level is to attend and speak at your school board meeting. 


To find your district’s next school board meeting, go to your district’s website. All school board meetings should be posted with the date, time and location. Typically, school board meetings are held every two weeks. The agenda should be posted, so you will know what the topics of discussion will be. 


To be completely fair and transparent, you can expect the board meeting to be a very boring, three hour long event with questionable results. Ideally, you will want to fill out a “Request to Speak” form prior to the meeting, so your voice can be heard as well. If you garner the courage to speak up at a meeting, understand this: the school board might not really care what you have to say. Some of them might. 


The true audience is the other parents in the crowd. You are there to speak your peace because YOU are the one paying for this system, YOU are the taxpayer. This means that your school board should be working for you and not the other way around. 


Be encouraged to sign up before the board meeting to speak. Tell the board and the parents the problems and solutions to what is facing your current district, classroom, teachers, etc. 


Lastly, don’t feel required to stay for the whole meeting. You can speak your mind and leave promptly afterward. Oh, and don’t forget to sport your purple attire. Represent!


Get to Know Your Local Representatives

Your local state representatives can easily and quickly become your allies. Your state reps can help in public education by attending board meetings, writing legislation or voting to get pro-education bills passed. They can also reach out to other reps to gather support for those bills. State reps are a great source of information on how the system works, what the rules are and the best way to get things accomplished. 


You can also work with them. Consider volunteering for their campaigns, helping to get signatures for petitions or get involved with what they are working on at the moment. You can also show your support by giving them a call, sending an email or a written thank you card. Remember, they get pummeled by the opposition all the time. Hearing kind words and praise is a nice change of pace. 


Doing this is what makes #purpleforparents different than just a group of activists. We are advocates and oftentimes activists, but we push to fix the problems through legislation. We CAN make noise, but that is not all there is to be done. 



Know Your Child’s Curriculum

Helping to improve public education also means understanding your child’s curriculum. There are few things you should know about your child’s curriculum. 


For instance, many states school districts are pushing for Comprehensive Sexuality Education. This is a very inappropriate and disgusting curriculum that you should know if your school is trying to teach your children. The curriculum is designed to teach children (from as early as kindergarten) about promiscuity and high-risk sexual behaviors. Some of the curriculum can be found here


Join and Donate to #purpleforparents

All of the points listed above are what many of the active members of #purpleforparents are doing all the time. By joining and donating to #purpleforparents, you are supporting all of these goals. Parents can truly make a difference in public education, one step at a time. 



Our goals are for parents, teachers and taxpayers nationwide. Our goals include:

  • Preventing future teacher strikes
  • Expanding school choice
  • Responsibly funding schools and teachers
  • Ending politicking in the classroom
  • Ending indoctrination in schools
  • Adding resource officers to every school

Bottom Line

The truth is, there are many things parents can do right now to improve education at the local level. Being involved is always the first step. Ask yourself what is one thing you can do right now. Can you attend a school board meeting? Can you get involved with local representatives? If you are concerned with public education, parental choice and the future of America’s children, you can do something right now. 


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