In an effort to combat the false truths and damage caused by #redfored, the #purpleforparents movement began in Arizona. The goal is to empower parents with information and get involved in their children’s education. As more teacher strikes happen across the country, more people are fighting back!

We support teachers, we demand higher standards for our educational system and we call upon the districts for complete funding transparency. States like Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia are fighting similar battles. Get involved and be informed about education in your community.

Oh, and we wear purple.

We Are Reasonable

Support for teachers is undeniably necessary for our children to receive the best education. Reasonable and financially responsible salaries and raises are necessary for our educators. This also comes with supporting teachers based on performance standards and merit.

Purple for Parents also supports an environment that leaves politics and indoctrination at the door.

We Expect Accountability

Our parents expect that school hours be protected from interruptions like walk-outs and strikes. Time in the classroom is precious and extremely valuable to the future of our youth.

We intend to hold the district accountable with regard to transparency. Parents have the right to know where and how taxpayer money is being spent in each school district.

We Hold You Responsible

We hold parents responsible for making the best decision for the education of their children. We are pro school choice and support parents fighting for their children to receive the education they desire. In the end, the school districts and teachers are responsible to the parents.

The classroom is the future of America. In that room is the ability for our future leaders to learn, grow and become the most brilliant minds and productive members of society. The future of our country needs choice. Purple for Parents is an advocacy groups that supports parent’s choice when it comes to education.