An Open Letter to Indiana: What you need to know before #redfored takes over your community

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Dear Indiana,


If you haven’t heard of #redfored by now, consider yourself lucky-because ignorance is bliss. If you have heard of #redfored, there’s an abundance of information you need to know before they take over your community, your state, and your public (and even charter) school system, destroying your faith in public schooling in the process. 


Just eighteen months ago in Arizona, the #redfored movement was once painted as a “grassroots” movement, claiming to support teacher pay increases throughout the state. The so-called grassroots movement began with a young, 24-year-old music teacher, Noah Karvelis. He’s not an Arizona native, moved here shortly before #redfored began, and he only holds a “provisional” teaching certificate. 

Now, this wouldn’t seem like such a big deal, except the plot thickens with facts such as:


  • Karvelis immediately pushed publicly for a political agenda supporting all Democratic party candidates
  • He openly speaks at socialism conferences
  • He’s in favor of taxing the rich, and tried to make Arizona one of the highest income-taxed states…right next to California. 
  • He’s already moved on to take a position/pursue a doctorate of “Curriculum & Instruction” at UW-Madison before his “provisional” teaching certificate ended in July of 2019…meaning he only stayed a few years here in Arizona. 


A direct quote from Karvelis reads:

“We’ve built a new political power in Arizona and it’s taking control right now of the future of the state… We have to build our own political power. We have to build our own organization. We have to stay true to our values. They have to be Democratic.”


In April of 2018, Karvelis successfully got the teachers in Arizona to strike for seven days straight. It amounted to more than an entire week of students missing out on school and teachers walking at the state capitol–while lessons plans were missed (a month prior to graduation), parents scrambled to find childcare (or lost jobs when they couldn’t), and tensions flared within our communities. Most parents initially supported the teachers’ efforts to receive competitive pay; the teachers were convinced they were standing up for their paychecks. 


Simply put, they were pawns in a grander scheme. 


The scheme is this; get teachers to agree to strike because of low pay. Get the endorsement of the National Education Association (NEA) to pay for shirts, marketing, books, event fees, etc. Once in place, register voters for Democrat party/candidates, push for far-left-wing progressive laws, and register new dues-paying unionists.

They organized small groups of “leaders” in key states and faked a “grassroots movement” by duping teachers (many justifiably seeking pay raises) into joining their movement. It started in West Virginia and moved in a pre-set domino pattern from one state to the next:  Arizona, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and now Indiana. Each state’s “leaders” would talk with and learn from #redfored and NEA leaders about the success and failures from other states.


This IS what #redfored planned to do ALL along. Turn states as blue as possible. Separate teachers’ and parents’ trust. Lessen any control parents still have about their children’s education. 


Oh, and they are going to bully you!

If you don’t agree with their tactics and agenda, then expect backlash. You might notice you receive less support in the classroom if you are a teacher, you might receive threatening phone calls if you do not comply, you might notice you are not supported in a leadership position–or even worse, you might notice not being given a chance to work (i.e. being fired).  All those things happened to Arizona teachers, while some parents appeared on a “hit list” of photographs/names circulated among teachers if they expressed concern about #redfored on social media.


Union leaders are also great at demanding. Take Arizona teachers’ union leader Joe Thomas for example. He was caught on camera, red-handed (no pun intended), demanding that teachers strike or at the very least be wearing red in support. You can’t tell me that isn’t a bullying tactic.

See for yourself:


This sinister agenda is really about turning America into a socialist-dependent nation, by turning our children into social justice warriors who will vote to change the Constitution and our founding American principles. #Redfored paves the way for all the programming that will accomplish this, by putting the most left-leaning politicians and socialists into legislative positions, onto school boards, etc. 


Need more proof?

  1. #Redfored was started and continues to be funded by the NEA and individuals associated with the Socialist Party of America.
  2. Growing union membership was always part of the scheme.
  3. Rapid organization was due in large part to the recent Janus Supreme Court decision, which made forced unionization and mandatory union dues illegal.  The teachers’ unions recognized their loss of political power and acted, at our children’s and teachers’ expense.
  4. Other goals include progressive/leftist ballot initiatives, and to slow or stop school choice advancements while promoting heavily-left-leaning ideology initiatives (such as “equity” programs, which sound good in theory but on examination are dangerously anti-equality and destructive to the American founding principles we all support).


Don’t stop reading now!

It is easy to make the assumption that Republicans, or anyone who disagrees with #redfored, are therefore against funding the teachers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The problem is, educational funding is not transparent. While the Arizona Republican Governor, Doug Ducey, signed off on #redfored’s request for a bigger budget THE FIRST DAY of the teachers’ strike (and then #redfored still stayed out of the classroom an additional five days). More money doesn’t just make the issues go away. 


Each school district has a school board. It is the BOARD that decides what to do with the money. Gov. Ducey doesn’t sit and write out teacher paychecks nor set teachers’ pay–the school districts do. Some districts pay very competitively; some do not.  The problem runs so much deeper than just blaming Republicans or state legislatures–and we all, parents and teachers, need to work together to hold ALL involved parties accountable. 


This is where #purpleforparents sprouted up. We see the leftist agenda and are done with it. We are a safe outlet for teachers. The teachers who got bullied by the unions and bullied into walking out on their students–or lost their career opportunities. We are educating parents about their rights when it comes to education. 


In particular, Arizona is drowning in too many localized districts that are paying their administration nearly SIX TIMES the pay the teachers receive. They are receiving money for buildings that go unused. The money is simply not being allocated properly to the teachers and to the classrooms. 


Our Victory in Arizona


Another deeply sensitive topic–and a very scary piece that #redfored and supporters are looking to advance–is the change in sex education classes. The #redfored movement supports changing sex education classes to include what is called Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE).


On the surface, it sounds harmless and almost necessary as we live in a time when the LGBTQ community is growing in awareness. The down and dirty truth is this: CSE uses the LGBTQ community as a guise to push the over-sexualization of our children–which benefits some of #redfored’s publicly-acknowledged partners, such as Planned Parenthood. We are talking about teaching sex ed beginning in kindergarten, teaching 10-year-olds about anal sex, and other disturbing material…BUT it is all based upon the premise that we are being inconsiderate of 3% of the population (the LGBTQ community). 


In Arizona, we said, ‘NO!’ The AZ Board of Education had a meeting and #purpleforparents showed up and said ‘no’ to opening up the rules regarding sex ed classroom instruction. ‘No’ to CSE, and ‘yes’ to parents having a voice in their children’s education.


We are pro-school choice, pro teacher pay raises (based on merit) and empowerment, proactive parent participation, and pro transparent education spending; we are patriotic and ready to take on whatever is left of #redfored.


So, What Can You Do Indiana?

The old adage says “knowledge is power.” So, know your rights if you are a parent, a taxpayer, or a teacher. Know who #redfored is. Know what and who you are voting for. Know you might be bullied. Know there IS an alternative to #redfored ready to support you. Know you can join #purpleforparents to see what we’ve already uncovered and find like-minded, involved parents and teachers. 

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