Arizona Government Schools Reopening and The ‘New Normal’ Pushback

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Phoenix- This week, the Arizona Board of Education released the new recommendations for schools to reopen this fall. The only thing that is truly clear is that parents and educators alike are upset and frustrated with how the school districts will implement any of these guidelines. 

You can read the guidelines here. There have been many takes on the guidelines released from both the CDC and the state of Arizona. Most people refer to the experts in these cases, however, the so-called “experts” can’t even agree with each other.

The biggest concerns for our children returning to school include wearing masks, losing bodily autonomy by having temperatures taken daily, having normal school hours, and being able to interact with their peers without the confines of social distancing.

The truth is, parents must stand up for their children and the future of their education. Many people are moving their kids to charter schools or will continue to school at home. There are parents, however, that do not have those luxuries and must abide by what their districts choose to do come fall. If you fall into this category, it is time to speak up at school board meetings and write to your district. Check out this Flyer.

In addition, here are some words of wisdom from one local RN about these guidelines.

Jan Pfahl, RN:

“As an RN since 1980, I’ve seen many viruses come and go. Unfortunately, this one has been used to hurt our children, not because it has infected them but because the response to it has been the cause of such unnecessary upheaval in their lives. The CDC “guidelines” for opening schools that should have never been closed are positively insane.

The exposure of healthy children to other children means that yes, they are exposed to various microbes, some of which cause illness. This is how immune systems develop and strengthen. A wise doctor friend of mine once told me, as he watched me freak out over my daughter eating sand, “Don’t worry! They have to eat a bushel of dirt by the time they’re five, so they develop their immune system!” The CDC behaves as though they don’t know there is such a thing. Trying to distance children from each other is unnecessary and actually counterproductive, particularly when the virus they are hysterical about rarely even infects children and is not killing them, nor are they spreading it. Kids are natural touchers, huggers, etc. Let them be! It is not dangerous, but separating them, isolating them, making them fearful is damaging to their psyches and their sense of security.

Now, a quick word about masks. Masks such as the ones you see on medical people or dental hygienists when they do procedures are not effective against viruses, and cloth masks even less so. I have been asked why, as a nurse, I wore them if they’re ineffective? So here’s the answer. We wear masks in surgery, Labor and Delivery, etc. – – anywhere a sterile field is involved, to protect that field from BACTERIA, which are much larger than viruses and do not make it through our masks. Bacteria cause wound infections, not viruses. Masks on children are utterly ridiculous. Lab workers who deal with pathogenic viruses wear Level 4 biohazard gear, including respirator masks, not the ones you are seeing everywhere. Even the boxes they come in say they won’t stop viruses.

Masks also impede gas exchange in the lungs. This can build up CO2 and deplete O2 saturation, especially in small children with small respiratory systems. They are unhealthy and useless.

Taking children’s temperature EVERY MORNING? Also unnecessary and useless. Even when ill, children’s temps tend to be down in the morning and spike in the late afternoon. If they have a fever when they wake up, give their parents enough credit to determine their child is sick and keep him or her home. This is an intrusion into both the children’s privacy and the parents’ territory. This should not be permitted.

Our children have missed months of school and are treated like lepers based on a set of false premises, the likes of which I’ve never seen. Parents, pediatricians, and school personnel must stand against these attempts at a “new normal” which can never be considered normal by any sane standard. Protect our children, and realize the CDC, like the WHO, is a political organization first, and its guideline writers are apparently unfamiliar with actual children and their needs.”


Former Arizona Board of Education Superintendent, Diane Douglas, has also not been quiet on the matter. She responded with this:

“After the events of the past 2 years, I honestly can no longer fathom why any parents would voluntarily return their children to government schools. In 2018 parents’ trust in the education system was betrayed by the illegal strike debacle. This past March districts once again abandoned students and families; closed schools and stopped providing anything resembling viable, consistent and appropriate education for all students – including special ed services – while retaining full funding. Since schools were abruptly closed by Gov. Ducey and Kathy Hoffman with one day notice to the families they are supposed to serve, so many of the models on which these decisions were based have proven inaccurate; so much information proven false. There is no valid justification for the oppressive, reprehensible cruelty that the CDC and educrats intend to impose upon the children of Arizona and America. There is no reason why schools shouldn’t reopen and students shouldn’t return this August-exactly the same way they have done so in August for decades past.”

The good news is that her words are not falling on deaf ears. There are several lawmakers pushing plans to craft legislation calling for a school’s right to return to pre-COVID-19 conditions. In essence, the ability to drop the “new normal” slogan and return to business as usual could be reinstated. 


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